Trust us to save your failing project.

Stabilise Your D365 Project

At DynamicsPact we take great pride in our customer satisfaction scores. We are held in high esteem by Microsoft and independent consulting companies because we deliver on time and oin budget.

However not all partners are as capable and we often get approached by clients needing our help to rescue their failing Microsoft Dynamics 365 project. The causes can be manifold but the common ones include:

  • Lack of supplier resources
  • Pressure on internal resources and management
  • Over optimistic, poorly sold project
  • Poorly specified project resulting in ‘scope creep’.

Let Us Turn Your Project Around

We can prevent your project spiralling out of control. Initially we may just arbitrate and put the problems into perspective and help manage a recovery plan between you and the existing partner.

If the relationship is beyond repair then we can help you put together a local and international team of expertise to turn your project around and minimise the additional cost and delays.

We will bring a level of calm perspective to a stormy project. DynamicsPact will help you to navigate the difficulties, make informed decisions, limit the damage and come out the other side with a positive result.