A proven way to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for international clients.

IMpact Methodology

In the early days we were instrumental in working with Microsoft and their SureStep team to ensure our approach to implementing and supporting international clients was effective and efficient. From this collaboration we developed a uniform approach to delivering international projects within DynamicsPact, we call this our Impact Methodology.

DynamicsPact has a fantastic team of people who are expert in leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects. Every year we hold our Impact Conference to bring them together all of our key Project leaders from around the world. Led by, Keith Dunkinson, we ensure that we are all right up to date and sharing the very best methods and practices in a consistent manner.

When you put over thirty expert project leaders together in an open and collaborative environment – then great things happen!

Lifecycle Services

Today we work very closely with Microsoft and their Lifecycle Services (LCS) team.

LCS provides a cloud-based collaborative workspace that can be used to manage the Dynamics 365 application lifecycle from pre-sales to implementation and operations. Based on the phase of the project and the relevant industry in focus, the site provides checklists and tools that help manage the implementation project.

It is a collaborative workspace in terms of sharing a lot of information related to the Dynamics 365 implementation, through a project dashboard that provides a single place to get up-to-date project information.

LCS also provides key content and tools including:

  • Business Process Modeler (BPM)
  • Issue Search
  • RapidStart
  • Customization Analysis
  • System Diagnostics

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