Portuguese Localisation Pack for Dynamics AX/365 FO

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The Portuguese Localisation from Arquiconsult for Dynamics 365 for Operations allows your organisation to fulfil the tax regulations and requirements in terms of software certification and legal reports to the Portuguese Public Administration.

Our solution covers a wide range of functionalities – from software certification, SAF-T, communication of transport documents, transaction registration in VAT according to national legislation, a statement tool for VAT validation and Declaration File Generation and also management of fixed assets according to current legislation.

Arquiconsult is a market reference in the Dynamics World, providing proven solutions since 2000. We chose to develop a Portuguese Localization Pack that combines local legal requirements with the added functionality the Portuguese market expects from a business solution.

The Portuguese Localization is divided into six main components: Certification, SAF-T, VAT & Statutory Reports, Fixed Assets, IES and Retail (Dynamics 365 for Operations for Retail).

Software Certification is a legal requirement which determines that all documents related to a sale or transport of goods need to be signed by a digital key assigned to each software producer.

SAF-T is a XML audit file usually required by tax authorities in specific situations (usually audit processes) and its simplified form is used for monthly sales submission to the Tax Authority.

VAT and Statutory Reports are a large set of processes and periodically reports mandatory required by tax authorities, such as: Inventory Transactions Accounting, Billing models, Purchases Charges, VAT Statutory Reports, Letter of VAT Adjustment (credit note), COPE, Withholding Tax, PS2, Vendor settlement note, Trial Balance for Customers and Suppliers, VAT Statement, Cash Flows Statement, Cash discounts. IES, annual statement, also supported.

The fixed assets module has been completely revised and redesigned in order to comply with Portuguese legal requirements. This module also allows generating the main legal reports: Losses and Gains (Model 31), Depreciation and amortisation (Model 32) and Legal revaluations (Models 33).

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The best and most comprehensive response to Portuguese local legal requirements for new and existing Dynamics 365 Operations customers.


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