SECIF - Mexican Localisation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Solution Overview

Tool to facilitate the calculation of taxes through the Fiscal, Billing and Electronic Accounting modules, always with the latest updates that are published in the Tax Administration Service in Mexico.

How does it work?

SECIF works through 3 modules which help companies obtain optimal and efficient results in their processes.

Generation of auxiliary reports for the SAT

  • Check scale
  • Check balance period 13
  • Account Catalog Report
  • Policy Report
  • Auxiliary Accounts Report
  • Folios Auxiliary Report

Electronic Invoice

  • CFDI electronic invoicing 3.3
  • CFDI 1.0 payment supplement
  • Fiscal Depreciation (Standard, Integration with other PACs)
  • Addendas

Fiscal Reports

  • DIOT Report
  • ISR Report (Upcoming Release)
  • Fiscal Depreciation (Upcoming Release)

What are its benefits?

Stamped invoices efficiently without requiring an additional file, optimizing your process and quality in the accounting area.

  • Integration – Without data interface
  • Time – Reduce the report execution time
  • Updates – Updates based on tax requirements
  • SAT (Mexican Tax Administration Service) – Attached to the requirements of the SAT
  • Easy – Execution of express reports
  • Transactions – Traceability of tax transactions
  • Reforms – Updating of fiscal reforms

Solution Profile

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