Accurate Currency Exchange Rates

Solution Overview

If your business deals with multiple currencies, you need accurate currency exchange rates. Developed as an add-on to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, XRF imports accurate and up-to-date exchange rate data for over 200 pairs of currencies.

High-level Functionalities:

  • Seamless integration between various exchange rate providers
  • Availability of live and historical exchange rates
  • Selection of multiple currency pairs
  • Automatic retrieval of exchange rate data

Key Benefits | Features

  • Get access to live / historical exchange rate data
  • Save time by eliminating manual data entries
  • Retrieve exchange rate data automatically for the desired period
  • Reduce cost by paying for only what is needed

Vendor Status
DynamicsPact Member

Vendor Profile

Operations + Supply Chain, Financial, Productivity.

Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Service, Retail + Consumer Goods.

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