PMAx 365 Effective Property Management

Solution Overview

PMAx 365 is so much more than a standard management tool. It is a complete solution for property management and offers a variety of features aimed at streamlining your business processes.

Developed as an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution, PMAx 365 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions such as Dynamics 365 for sales, and Power BI.

PMAx 365 enables you to simplify and automate daily property management processes, saving you time
and allowing for more effective resource allocation.

Why choose PMAx 365:

  • Simple user interface based on Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • PMAx 365 follows Microsoft standards and is an add-on for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • Standard solution that provides faster and easier upgrades
  • Built-in accounting allowing for construction accounting, budget tools and project accounting
  • Streamlined processes save you time and help you get more done
  • Advanced reporting capability compiles data across companies through the whole portfolio
  • PMAx 365 is available in multiple languages including English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish

Key Benefits | Features

  • Comprehensive Property Overview
    PMAx 365 offers a detailed view of all available and rented lease objects in your portfolio. The system also features an interactive drawing module that allows users to import Autocad files and divide properties into segments which can then be colour coded based on availability or the type of lease. Users can attach maps, pictures and/or other types of documents or information pertaining to each property.
  • Automated Processes
    PMAx 365 features advanced accounting capabilities and VAT handling. The system enables you to increase efficiency by automating invoice and payment processes, settlement of common cost and price adjustment. Many of these automatic processes can be run simultaneously for all legal entities you operate.
  • Contract Administration
    PMAx 365 accepts a variety of contract types, giving you the opportunity to do business with different types of customers, such as retail companies, rental agencies and workplace providers. PMAx 365 enables you to follow-up on customers and contracts, view upcoming expiration and make multi-tenant processing. PMAx 365 covers the following types of contracts: Residential Property, Commercial Property, Rental Contracts, Leasing Contracts, Internal Contracts, Limited Leasing Contracts, Revenue-based Rental.

An effective solution built on experience Advania is the home of IT and our business is to understand our customers’ processes and bring them added value through the use of effective IT solutions. We have a solid track record of building and implementing software based on standardised and proven technology, making implementation and future upgrades more efficient.

Our support team is available by telephone, email and remote services. We actively update our solutions according to technological developments, legislative changes and customer feedback.

We stand ready to assist you in simplifying your property management operations.

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