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In distribution companies, business is mainly about high volumes and being able to handle as much volume as possible with the least effort as possible.

A flexible and user-friendly business solution can support you to a considerable extent to simplify and automate the repetitive tasks for your employees. Cegeka’s Connected Distribution Solution has a large number of specific features, which will allow you to handle bigger volumes by reducing the manual effort it takes to manage your sales order processes.

This fully integrated solution consists of various components, which will improve your order to cash processes.


Key Benefits | Features

Docu Copy will make sure that essential messages for customers or items are copied to the right documents (e.g. Order confirmation, Packing slip, Invoice, etc…) for the customer.

The ‘Optimized Order Entry’ component holds several functions, which will considerably simplify the daily operations for the order entry people. Although many orders are automatically captured by EDI, we often notice that not all customers have already adopted EDI. They still send orders that have to be entered manually. Customers of distributors often re-order the same products from a list (Order lists) or they are only allowed to order selected products (Private label). Some products might not be sold yet because they are still ‘in design’ (Product Status). Other products might require to be ordered by some multiple (Mandatory Multiple). If a customer orders the same product twice a day, the system can alert you that you might be entering the same order twice. (Identical Product notification).

An essential part of the order to cash process is the pricing. Our solution (Advanced Pricing) allows you to work with pricing units that are different from ordering units and to apply charges only ‘as of’ a certain amount or during a specific period. It also supports handling pricing on for example HQ level for all order accounts linked to it or to distinguish free products from products for which you still have to define a price.

The ‘Credit Control’ component will not only offer more flexibility in how to handle credit limits of your customers, but will also allow you to decide if they need to be applied to their sales orders.

Backorder Management enables you to only deliver entire orders (not allowing backorders) or to close orders automatically when they are not completely delivered (avoiding backorders).

You might also have the need to invoice customers in different ways: some customers require 1 invoice per packing slip, sorted in a particular way, others may need an invoice grouping the sales per day/week/month, etc… In some situations, you might want to exclude certain sales orders from being invoiced due to an open complaint, and you might want to avoid that the entire invoice is blocked. Extended invoicing provides these kind of functionalities, next to the process of first validating a customer’s invoice before actually posting it.

In short, if you are in a distribution business, our Cegeka Connected Distribution Solution can simplify considerably the order to cash process, so you can focus on getting those high volumes managed in the most efficient way.

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